Cast and Crew


Ewan Spence Captain Jack Harkness – Ewan Spence
Emma Persky Gwen Cooper-Williams – Emma Persky
Matthew Cashmore Rhys Williams – Matthew Cashmore
Tom Morris Owen Harper – Tom Morris
Melinda Seckington Toshiko Sato – Melinda Seckington
Dan W Ianto Jones – Dan W
Cenny Bowles Captain John – Cennydd Bowles
David McBride Red Shirt – David McBride
Cristiano Betta Weevil – Cristiano Betta

Emma Persky Director – Emma Persky
Ewan Spence Producer – Ewan Spence
Ewan Spence Writer – Ewan Spence
The Monty Python CrewCinematography – The Monty Python Crew
Cristiano Betta Film Editing – Cristiano Betta
Melinda Seckington Emma Persky Casting – Melinda Seckington & Emma Persky
Cristiano Betta Art Direction – Cristiano Betta
Ewan Spence Costume Design – Ewan Spence
Ant (Gone Solo) Camera Man – Ant (Gone Solo)
Ewan Spence Music Supervisor – Ewan Spence
Melinda Seckington Sound Effects – Melinda Seckington
Cristiano Betta Visual Effects – Cristiano Betta
Tom Morris Stunts – Tom Morris
David McBride Dolly Pusher – David McBride
Emma Persky Production Design – Emma Persky
Patricia HanrahanSet Medic – Patricia Hanrahan
David McBride Best Boy – David McBride


“Torchwood Main Theme”
Murray Gold Written and performed by Murray Gold

“Anything Goes”
Cole Porter Written by Cole Porter
John Barrowman Performed by John Barrowman

“All By Myself” – Written by Eric Carman
John Barrowman Performed by John Barrowman


No animals were harmed in this production.


An Over The Air Production


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