What Is Sweding?

From our dictionary: 

Sweding (swē-ding)         

  1. To re-make something from scratch using whatever you can get your hands on.
  2. Swede throwing.

Although swede throwing can be very entertaining, our blog is focused on the first definition. Recreating movies from scratch with whatever we can find, we bring the joy and hilarity of movie magic back to life.Born out of the mispronunciation of “sueding” (as in fake leather) by French director Michael Gondry, sweding’s roots lie firmly in the movie industry. Gondry coined the term for his film Be Kind Rewind, which had two friends sweding movies from a video rental shop after one of them accidentally wiped them all (because he was magnetized). Soon after the release of Be Kind Rewind, sweding took the world by storm, with geeks everywhere recreating their favourite movies.  So now you know what sweding is. Are you scared yet? Leave now or experience the awe and mystery that is… sweding


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